German: Konto

An Account grants access to specified services. These are usually digital (also called Resources). An Account always has a unique account name.

A natural person (or entity) can have several Accounts for different resources (e.g. a Unix-Account, a Netware-Account, an Emai-Account). On the other hand, one Account should always be assigned to only one entity, so that user activities can retraced be if necessary.

Function Accounts can be an exception from this rule, as they are not usually assigned to a single natural person. These are usually Administrator Accounts, e.g. for Unix, or function mailboxes in the case of email. To make retraction possible in these cases, access to function accounts should only be possible from an activated personal account.

In some cases, it is possible for an entity to have several accounts for the same resource. An example would be employees with part time jobs in different faculties. The employee in this example would usually have an account for faculty 1 and another for faculty 2.