International applicants who are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree at the FAU need an excellent university degree recognisable as an equivalent to a full academic degree in Germany, which as a rule includes a written Master's thesis. At some faculties (e.g. the Faculty of Sciences or the School of Business and Economics) exceptionally qualified holders of a Bachelor’s degree can be admitted.

Candidates who have obtained an university degree in Germany are regularly admitted with a Master, Diplom, M.A., Staatsexamen or similar. If you earned a degree in a subject different from that you are doing your doctorate in, the admission is possible under certain circumstances. Sometimes a special examination (Promotionseignungsprüfung) will be necessary for becoming admitted. More information can be found in the respective doctoral regulations.

Master degrees from German Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen) are equivalent to a Master’s from a Universität. Holders of a very good Diplom from an University of Applied Sciences can also be admitted after they have passed a special examination (Promotionseignungsprüfung).

After registering your thesis on you will be asked for submitting your documents so that the admission requirements can be verified in your case – especially if your degree is from abroad, from a German University of Applied Sciences or in a subject different from your doctorate discipline.