It's not possible to name a precise timetable.

The Master's Office will carry out the formal evaluation procedure. If your application documents are correct,  they will be forwarded to the admissions committee.
The admissions committee decides on the basis of the submitted application documents whether or not an applicant is qualified for the Master’s degree programme. If you are invited for a personal interview, it will be carried out by the members of the admissions committee.

Whether or not an applicant is admitted can be found out on the online application portal campo at
Please log in and click "Open application portal". There you can see your application status and download/print/save your admission/rejection letter.

Admission and rejection letters for German applicants are issued by the admissions committee.

Admission and rejection letters for international students are issued by the Master's Office.
Please observe: The final decision on admissions/rejections is always taken by the admissions committee of the respective Master’s degree programme.